Umani Ronchi around the world: Hong Kong, our last Asian visit

After Taiwan and Macao we stop in Hong Kong for the very last part of our Asian journey.

In this international and modern reality there are places and buildings that preserved that enchanting colonic appeal. One of these is the prestigious China Club, a private club where between works of modern Art and old Chines antiques we have introduced our Pecorino Centovie, that has been wonderfully matched with typical Chinese meals.

Different but still very charming, Nanhai n.1, a place where to admire a stunning view of the HK skyline. Our wines have been successfully paired  with the fusion style of this restaurant. In particular has been much appreciated the combination of our Jorio Montepuciano and their spicy beef.

We have also visited Otto e mezzo Bombana, the only Italian restaurant with 3 stars Michelin out of Italy. In here we have the honor of being present with two wines, Campo San Giorgio and Maximo.

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