Summer Wines!

Plenio, Vecchie Vigne, Casal di Serra, Pecorino Centovie are our summer white wines. Let’s enjoy them by the sea!
Read some tasting tips:

1. Plenio, Verdicchio 100%
Winemaker's notes: A weighty wine of great finesse. The deep straw yellow colour shows golden hints and the nose comes up fresh and penetrating with light overtones of ripe fruit, honey, bitter almonds and aromatic herbs; balsamic and a hallmark note of aniseed left by the vineyard of origin. The palate follows through nicely, with a fresh attack and pleasant softness, balanced by the rich, velvety alcohol. The long, lingering finish calls to mind apples, plums and almonds. A long, sapid and salty finish.
Pairings: Stuffed pasta, roast white meat, roasted fish.
Ideal serving temperature: 12-14°C

2. Vecchie Vigne Organic, Verdicchio 100%
Winemaker's notes: The magnificent brilliant golden yellow has lively greenish hints and the nose shows broom, camomile, pear with pleasant overtones of wild mint, sage and hazelnut. The mouth is striking for its elegance: crisp and fresh with acidity balanced perfectly by the structure of the wine. A long, sapid and salty finish.
Pairings: Roast white meat, roasted fish, stuffed pasta.
Ideal serving temperature: 12-14°C

3. Casal di Serra Organic, Verdicchio 100%
Winemaker's notes: Straw yellow color with golden hints, to the nose it shows intense and persistent perfumes of wild flowers and aromas of yellow pulp fruit such as peach, apricot and golden apple. To the palate it’s rich and velvety with a good dose of freshness and sapidity to balance the great softness. Dry finish, persistent and intensely fruity.
Pairings: Ideal with fish dishes, oven-cooked or grilled, roast white meat and fresh cheeses.
Ideal serving temperature:  12-14°C

4. Centovie Pecorino Organic, Pecorino 100%
Winemaker's notes: Brilliant and intense straw yellow with bright reflections. At the nose stands out with hints of citrus, white pulp fruit and field flowers. Followed by of aromatic herbs notes, it remains very elegant. On the palate it is persistent and fresh with a confirmation of the aromas found in olfactory perception. Great sapidity due to the personality and minerality of the varietal.
Pairings: Stuffed pasta, roast white meat, roasted fish.
Ideal serving temperature:  12-14°C

Good tasting!

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