1.   Purpose and process of personal data’s treatment.

    2.    Mandatory and optional nature of data’s conferment and consequences of a possible rejection of answering.

    3.    Subjects or categories of subjects to whom personal data can be communicated or that can be in contact with those data because responsible or designated of the treatment and boundary of diffusion of those personal data. 

    4.    Rights of the person involved. Identification data of the person in authority and when requested, of the responsible of the treatment. Indication of the process through which is knowable in an easy way the updated list of the responsible ones.

This declaration contains the indication of rules and of the regulations used by Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company, concerning the treatment of personal data and Users of the website www.umanironchi.com.
Because the website works and is hosted in Italian territory, the information and the dates concerning the Users of the website will be treated from the Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company, in compliance to the Italian rule of the delivery of the legislations 95/46/CE e 2002/58/CE of the Parliament and the European Council, according to the legislative decree n. 196 of June the 30th 2003 and its following modifications and integrations. 

1. Purpose and process of personal data’s treatment.

The Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company informs all the website Users that any collected date will be used only for purposes that you may find expressed down here, and to keep updated the Users about news, promotions, contests and any other activity connected to the Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company.

The Umani Ronchi Winery Spa will use the collected data for:

a) accomplish trading contracts or assignment contracts to supply services (furniture of goods and services)

b) direct marketing activities, also through the forwarding  of newsletters, Mms and text messages or other kind of messages.

c)markets’ researches or other  useful researches direct to improve the products or services.

The collected data could be managed in an electronic form or in a paper one, and anyway they will always be protected by adequate security systems and they will be constantly updated and preserved in a safe and monitored place. 

To the treatment of those data, the Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company will respect what established by the guaranteeing authority with the general authorization provision n. 2/2007 and its consecutive modifications and integrations. In this case the agreement of the person interested will be certified in a written way, using the specific form that will be forwarded to him when he activates the service.

2. Mandatory and optional nature of data’s conferment and consequences of a possible rejection of answering.

The data conferment is optional, except on the cases in which the collected data have to be used to give execution to a contract or to a service requested by the User. In this case the possible rejection of the interested person to the data conferment will involve the impossibility to proceed with the received assignment by the Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company.

Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company could also ask as compulsory the data treatment of the interested person to send him newsletters in order to allow the attendance to commercial initiatives.

3. Subjects or categories of subjects to whom personal data can be communicated or that can be in contact with those data because responsible or designated of the treatment and boundary of diffusion of those personal data.

Personal data that will be left  from the Users will be known and used by the Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company employees to the only aim to proceed with the activities that represent the reason why they were collected at the first place (for example, to give execution to selling contracts or to services’ performances or to send newsletters). The data could be communicated to other supervisor societies, monitored  and/or connected with the Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company in Italy, in the European Union or toward countries that don’t belong to the Union with the condition that the legal order of the destination country or of the transit of data will ensure an adequate level of people tutelage. The adequacy will be valuated comparing the foreign country systems with the Italian ones. The data could be also communicated to the services suppliers of electronic communications like banks, financial intermediaries, credit institutes, other finance corporations, Administrators of information technology and centralized systems (centrals of risks, anti-fraud, etc.), insurances, consultants and freelances that assist the Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company to the salvage of the credits and of the management of arguments, companies of packaging, shipping and purchases’ delivering or that organize the forwarding of mails and commercial information, researching companies or societies, no-profits associations or foundations.

4. Rights of the person interested. Identification data of the person in authority and when requested, of the responsible of the treatment. Indication of the process through which is knowable in an easy way the updated list of the responsible ones.

Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company located in Italy SS.16 Km 310+400 - 60027 Osimo (AN) is the owner and responsible of the collected data to whom all the interested ones could address to with a written statement as per the rights ratify in the article 7 del D.lgt. 196/2003,that is :

1) obtain the indication of origin of personal data, of the finalities and modalities of the treatment, of the logic applied in case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic instruments, of the details of the treatment owner ,of the subjects or the categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be communicated or that can get in contact with them by themselves.

2) obtain the update, the amendment and the integration of data, the cancellation, the transformation in an anonymous form or the arrest of the treated data as a violation of the law, included those for which is not necessary the preservation in relation of the purposes for which they were collected later on treated, the declaration that the requested operations have been declared, also concerning its content, to the ones whose data have been communicated or spread, except in the case in which this fulfillment is impossible or implies an exaggerated effort compared with the defended right.

3) take position against the treatment of his personal data even if pertinent to the purpose of the collection, or to the treatment of his personal data for advertising  purposes or for direct selling or for the accomplishment of market researches or commercial communications. 

Till today there isn’t yet a nominated responsible of those contents  treatment. When Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company will proceed to nominate those designations , the updated list of the responsible ones will be available in this section of the www.umanironchi.com website.


The www.umanironchi.com  website is managed by Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company (“The Administrator”).  The Administrator is an Italian society with the registered office at this address:  SS.16 Km 310+400 - 60027 Osimo (AN), C.F. e P.IVA  00078000429 – REA PU n. 53492 del 20/06/1963 –  Reg. Impr. Ancona – Cap.Soc. € 610.000,00 i.v.

The Administrator provides web services for collection, archiving, organization, elaboration and general treatment of data, included personal data information, inside a database that can be controlled in the website (under the voice “Database”).

The contents and the conditions related to the personal data treatment of the website Users are listed under the voice PRIVACY POLICY.

Some of the collected data preserved and elaborated on the website regard  the registered data of the User and his aspirations evaluated through questionnaire.

The conditions and the terms shown below are applied to the content of the whole website together with any page or document to which these conditions and terms can be referred to, and they represent the terms and the conditions that is why the Administration allows the use of the website.

The use of the website is subordinated to a careful reading and acceptance of those conditions of the website use (the “Conditions”). The use of the website implies the whole acceptance of these conditions. If the User doesn’t want to accept these conditions he can’t use the website.


 •   Many sections of this website can be explored even without registration. Other sections instead need the registration of the User. By using any section of this website the User implicitly accept to stick to all the use’s terms and conditions specified in the conditions.

    •    The Administrator has the faculty to modify the following terms and conditions of the website use anytime he wants, simply updating this page of legal advices. For this reason we kindly invite the people interested to periodically verify the updated version of those conditions. We also underline that some of the following terms and conditions could be revoked and overtaken by specific previsions reported in other sections of the website.


  •   Except when differently express in those conditions and in other parts of the website, all the author rights and any other intellectual or industrial property right or every other right of any nature and every content, belong to the Administrator and his licensors. Those activities are protected by local laws and international agreements, and their rights are explicitly  reserved. It is prohibited any use of the website contents when not expressly allowed. In case of violation of any of the conditions the Administration has the right to forbid the access to the website and ask for an immediate return or destruction of all the material printed out or downloaded from the website.

    •    The User can print out or download some extracts of the website with the limit of personal use and at the conditions that:

    ◦    none of the documents or graphic element of the website will be any way modified;

    ◦    none of the document or graphic element of the website will be used in a separate way from the original reference text;

    ◦    the declaration of the author’s right(copyright)and the registered brand’s declarations, together with the mention of this license have to be enclosed to every copy extracts from the website.

    ◦ Every paper or digital copy of the materials downloaded or printed from the website can’t be modified in any case and it is not allowed the separated use of images, photographs, videos, audio, graphic or anything else not connected to the text and credits related to them (copyright declaration)

    ◦  The position of the Administrator or of the person that he nominates has to be always expressed as the author of the website material publication.

    ◦   Except what declared at the point 2.2, it is forbidden to reproduce or archive any part of this website in any other website or include it in any system of archiving and research of information or of services’ distribution, without the previous scripted agreement of the Administrator.

    ◦    Any other right or authorization not expressly mentioned in these conditions is strictly reserved.


    •    The Administrator will do his best to make the website always accessible respecting a standard of commercial suitability. Despite of this the Administrator won’t be responsible if, for any random reason the website won’t be available for several periods of time.

    •   The access to the website could be temporarily suspended even without advance notice, in case of system mistakes or need of assistance or maintenance or for any other reason away from the reasonable Administrator control.

    •   The User is the only responsible for the activation and the maintenance of all the agreements and services that allows the website access.


•  The Administrator will treat the User’s data depending on the Privacy Policy. By using the website the User agrees to the uses described and he guarantees that those data he furnishes are accurate.

    •  Except the personal data that will be treated respecting what already said, any other material, contents etc. transferred  or included in the website will be considered not-confidential and not-owner. For this reason the Administrator hasn’t any obligation regarding those information and materials and he will feel empowered to acquire a copy, transfer, reveal, using those materials for a commercial purpose, or for other purposes. 

    •   The User commits himself to not introduce inside the website or from the website any kind of material:

    ◦    that is not intimidating, defamatory, obscene, indecent, mutinous, offensive, pornographic, abusive, racist, discriminatory or discriminating, threatening, scandalous, inciting, blasphemous, harmful of secrecy duties, harmful of the privacy or that could someway produce concern or damage;

    ◦    for which were not reached the compulsory licenses or approvals ;

    ◦    that represents or encourages behaviors that could be considered kind of crimes, that could involve the responsibility of whoever, that could be someway against the law, against the public order or against the morality or that could damage the rights of the third party somewhere in the world;

    ◦   that causes damage (included without any limit computers, viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, defective elements, corrupted data or other software with an harmful content or in the position of damaging). 

    •    The User can’t abuse of the website (included as an example the hacker activity)

    •   The Administrator will cooperate with the investigating public authorities and he will fulfill at any order from the judge that will require or that will order to the Administrator to reveal the identity or to individuate the subjects that transfer or insert material not in line with what established above.


 •  Every registration to the website is valid for just one User. Any identification code, password, username or other information, are a main part of the security system and of the process activated from the Administrator to protect the system and the data preserved in the website. For this reason these details can’t be revealed to anyone, not even among a restricted group. The Administrator is empowered to disable the distinctive code, the password and /or the User-name related to any User of the website, when, under the incontestable opinion of the Administrator there is a violation of any of the previous conditions. 

    •   The privacy responsibility  and the password use is exclusive of the User with his own risk. 

    •   The User’s personal data will be treated following the informative presented and accepted at the registration.


    •    On the website are present some links referred to websites of third party, this just to facilitate the website use. By using them the User abandons the Umani Ronchi website. The Administrator didn’t do any check activity on websites that are linked to the Umani Ronchi website and doesn’t control neither is responsible of how those data will be managed, of their content and of their using availability. This is why the Administrator doesn’t guarantee or declares anything regarding them or their content or any possible result that comes out from their use. If the User entries to another website just clicking on the link he finds in our website, it is just his own responsibility and risk.

    •    If the user wishes to create his own link to the website, he can do that only at the condition that it would be create an effective link in the website’s homepage and that won’t be replicated the website content, and at the condition that:

The logo’s and the brand’s features of  Umani Ronchi Spa wine Company is not removed, deformed or altered in terms of dimensions;

No frame and/or any other different location is used to modify the website original look;

The link doesn’t imply, even in an indirect way that the Administrator is promoting products or services for third party;

The link doesn’t represent, even under a hidden form, some kind of relationship between the Administrator and the User and neither that the same link doesn’t bring false or distorted and libelous information regarding the Administrator;

With this link somebody doesn’t try to use the brand or the logo reproduced in the website without the preventive agreement openly expressed by the Administrator;

The link is not related to a website not supervised by the User;

The website doesn’t present repugnant, offensive or argumentative contents, that can damage in some way the intellectual property right or any other right of third parties or that is some way violates rules, regulations, public order or morality .

The Administrator keeps the freedom to revoke in any moment the User right to create a link to the website assuming any other measure that is judged necessary or opportune in the case that even just one of the terms specified in this section will be violated.

The User will have to keep unharmed the Administrator for any loss or damage suffered by the Administrator for the violation of any of the conditions established by this section.


• The Administrator will do his best to keep all the information published in the website always correct, even if this doesn’t want to be a guarantee of the accuracy and the completeness of the website’s data. The Administrator will be able to modify the website’s contents anytime he will want to, or modify descriptions or products and/or services and prices, and he will be in the authority to do all this without any advance warning. It is also obvious that the Administrator doesn’t have any commitment or updating obligation of the website published material.

•   Everything that is published in the website is realized without any condition or guarantee. In the same way, excluding obligatory law limits, the Administrator allows to the User the use of the website with the expressed prerequisite that no declaration, warranty, condition or other limit will have effect (included, without any limit the implicit warranty of good quality, adequacy regarding the suggested use and the respect of the diligence of the good family father or of the expert that except for what is excluded from this condition, could have effect regarding the contents of this website).


   •   It is expressly excluded the responsibility of the Administrator or any other person that acted in his behalf (independently to the fact that this person helped in the creation, production, preservation or realization of the website),or rather of any other society of the Administrator group, of every director, employee, partner or agent, for any amount and for any typology of damage that can come from the User or from any other third party (included as an example  every direct, indirect and emerging damage, profit’s loss, business’ start-up damage, data’s loss, contractual and non-contractual damage, reevaluation, interests or anything else coming from an interruption of the activity or connected to it, included the damage coming from omission or negligence, depending from contractual or non-contractual responsibility) depending in any way from the website exercise or depending from the use of the website or in any other way connected to the website’s use, impossibility to use it or rather depending from any other website that has been linked to the Umani Ronchi website or from the material available on those websites, without any limit, the loss or the damage due to the viruses’ spreading that could infect the User’s electronic equipment (pc or something else),software, data or other properties used for the access, the use and the browsing of the website from the User or used to download material from the website or from other links included in the website. 

    •    This responsibility limitation doesn’t want to overtake the law’s binding limits regarding deceit or any serious guilt.


    •   The User  is obliged and responsible regarding the adequacy of his own hardware equipment , software or else included the reparation maintenance or correction of the same ones that are needed to use all the services dispensed by this website. 


    •    Those conditions are subjected to the Italian Law.

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