Verdicchio Hills
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Verdicchio Hills

When a variety finds its home, that is when great wines are born.


Verdicchio 96%, Chardonnay 2%, Sauvignon Blanc 2%

This is the central-northern part of Marche between Jesi and Fano, a strip of land stretching from the Adriatic coast to the slopes of the Apennines. Here in Verdicchio country, the variety has ancient roots and a strong, almost visceral, bond with the territory. Elsewhere the verdicchio grape struggles to reach similar heights. It is here, in the vineyards of Torre, Le Busche, San Sebastiano, Villa Bianchi, Monteschiavo, Follonica and San Lorenzo, that Umani Ronchi’s great whites are born.

The Vineyards



We are in the heart of Verdicchio country on the left bank of the Esino river. Over the years, Umani Ronchi has put together 21.5 hectares under vine by acquiring and amalgamating the holdings of many small growers. Back in the Seventies, Massimo Bernetti realised how much potential what was to become one of Castelli di Jesi’s grand crus had for high quality and significant production levels.

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Serra Dei Conti


Umani Ronchi has owned this plot at Serra dei Conti since the early Seventies and the entire vine stock was replanted starting in the early Nineties. Grapes from this 28-hectare vineyard go into the blends for some of the cellar’s finest whites, giving the wines their signature structure and complexity.

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Maiolati Spontini


The entire holding focuses on the three sides of a small hill. Its slopes are covered with rows of vines and on top is Villa Bianchi, the recently restructured farmhouse belonging to the Bianchi-Bernetti family. Villa Bianchi is set aside for hospitality and its modern, fully equipped tasting room is a favourite stop for wine tourists. The vineyard extends over ten hectares and was planted in the first half of the Seventies before being replanted from 1989 onwards using innovative vineyard management techniques.

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In the Seventies, the vine stock was 85% verdicchio with 15% malvasia and trebbiano. Today, Monte Schiavo has ten hectares of verdicchio and 4.5 hectares of cabernet sauvignon and merlot, two international red grapes that are very much at home in the warm site climate and on soil that is particularly well-suited to growing these varieties.

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One of the finest spots there is for making Verdicchio, Torre was acquired by the Bianchi Bernetti family in 2001 to enhance the winery’s production potential for the variety.

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San Paolo Di Jesi


The San Paolo di Jesi estate, stretching from the valley on the right of the river Esino to the coast, was first planted in the Seventies and was acquired by the Bianchi Bernetti family in the early Nineties.

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