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Verdicchio Hills

We are in the heart of Verdicchio country on the left bank of the Esino river. Over the years, Umani Ronchi has put together 21.5 hectares under vine by acquiring and amalgamating the holdings of many small growers. Back in the Seventies, Massimo Bernetti realised how much potential what was to become one of Castelli di Jesi’s grand crus had for high quality and significant production levels.

In the Eighties, Le Busche was the birthplace of Casal di Serra, one of the first modern-style Verdicchios and a wine it still makes today. The vineyard, or rather its ten hectares of jealously guarded old vines, is also the home of Casal di Serra Vecchie Vigne. The old farmhouse you can see through the elms, mulberry trees, walnut trees and fig trees has been fitted with a tasting room that makes it the perfect tasting venue for a wine tourism journey.


Grape variety
Verdicchio 19.5 hectares, Chardonnay 1 hectare
Soil type
very deep, medium-textured, clayey
250-300 metres above sea level
Planting's year
1973 and 2015
Planting's patterns
2.6-3 metres between the rows; 1-2 metres between the vines
Vine density
1,666-3,846 plants per hectare
Training systems
single Guyot, double-arched cane
Grape yield
70-80 quintals per hectare

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