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An estate that covers a total of 35 hectares, San Lorenzo is one of the vineyards the Bianchi-Bernettis have owned for longest. It was here in the mid Sixties that the family began planting plots for the production of Rosso Conero. It was here, too, that the first small plot of Cabernet Sauvignon was planted in the mid Eighties.

From the mid Nineties, the estate’s constant experiments with more modern, rational vine cultivation techniques led to the replanting of most of the old vines at much higher densities using cordon training and spur pruning. In the meantime, this superb vineyard produced wines like Cumaro, San Lorenzo and Pelago. The vineyard’s best growing site was replanted in the early Noughties with vines that would, along with a section of an adjacent older vineyard, become the heart of a project the created Campo San Giorgio.


Grape variety
montepulciano 30 hectares, sangiovese 1 hectare, cabernet sauvignon 2 hectares, merlot 2 hectares
Soil type
very deep, medium-textured, clay and silt, very calcareous
extured, clay and silt, very calcareous Aspect:
100-150 metres above sea level
Planting's year
1989 and 2012
Planting's patterns
2.1-3 metres between the rows; 0.6-1.5 metres between the vines
Vine density
2,976-7,936 plants per hectare
Training systems
cordon-trained and spur-pruned, Guyot
Grape yield
50-90 quintals per hectare

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