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Maiolati Spontini


Verdicchio Hills

The entire holding focuses on the three sides of a small hill. Its slopes are covered with rows of vines and on top is Villa Bianchi, the recently restructured farmhouse belonging to the Bianchi-Bernetti family. Villa Bianchi is set aside for hospitality and its modern, fully equipped tasting room is a favourite stop for wine tourists. The vineyard extends over ten hectares and was planted in the first half of the Seventies before being replanted from 1989 onwards using innovative vineyard management techniques.

Villa Bianchi was also responsible for the first vintage of Plenio, one of the finest Verdicchio selections and the result of a bold, distinctly unfashionable decision for the time to plant at a density of 3,700 vines per hectare. Today, Plenio is produced at Cupramontana. Another of the excellent bottles from Villa Bianchi is Maximo, a wine from botrytised Sauvignon Blanc grapes that came into being almost by accident. Maximo is sourced from a two-hectare vineyard originally planted to less well-regarded red-skinned varieties which were regrafted with Sauvignon Blanc. The experiment was very successful and the rows were replanted to the same variety using modern vineyard management techniques. Here, the nature of the terrain with its gravelly patches, the north-facing aspect and site climate, which is dry throughout September and into October, cold and damp from mid October on, all encourage the noble rot that enables us to obtain this wine.


100 -150 metres above sea level
Grape variety
verdicchio 7.5 hectares, sauvignon blanc 2.5 hectares
Soil type
moderately deep, medium-textured, clay and silt, calcareous with alluvial pebbles. Alluvial terraces.
Planting's year
1993 and 2004
Planting's patterns
2.6-3 metres between the rows; 0.9-2 metres between the vines
Vine density
2,767-4,273 plants per hectare
Training systems
single Guyot
Grape yield
30-120 quintals per hectare

Wines from this Vineyard

LH2 Extra Brut
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