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Typical grape of the Adriatic coastal area, Passerina is so called because of the small dimension of its berries, named after one of smallest local bird, the sparrow (“passero”). A very fresh and mineral white wine, which is incredibly easy to match with differ- ent food and recipes.

general characteristics

The vineyards, which are between six and twenty years old and trained on the Guyot system, are situated on the band of hillsides between 150 and 300 meters above sea level, with exposure to the west\south-west. The yields average between nine and ten tons per hectare.
The harvest is carried out by hand and takes place in the period from the end of August to the end of September. The ripening is constantly monitored in order to determine the exact date of the harvest, with the main purpose of preserving a good acid profile, which represents the basis of this wine’s freshness.
After a light pressing, the prime must is rapidly cooled and then goes through static decantation. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in steel tanks with the temperature maintained at between 14°C and 16°C, and continues for about 8-10 days. The wine does not subsequently undergo a malolactic fermentation. All the stages of production, from picking to bottling, are carried out in the absence of oxygen, in order to preserve the primary aromas of the grapes and achieve greater freshness of flavor and bouquet. A brief ageing period in steel of about five months is followed by the bottling.
75 cl bottle

winemaker's notes

Straw yellow color with golden hints, to the nose it shows intense and persistent perfumes of wild flowers and aromas of yellow pulp fruit such as peach, apricot and golden apple. To the palate, a good dose of freshness and sapidity to balance the great softness. Dry finish, persistent and intensely fruity.

Tasting Suggestion

Serving glass

Goblet of medium size and roughly spherical shape, to allow better appreciation of the complex aromas. A straight opening will enhance the flavour of the wine in the mouth, by directing it first to the sides and rear of the tongue, and then to the tip, and allow its softness to be properly evaluated.


Pasta and risottos with vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices and seafood sauces. Delicate seafood and white meat dishes.

Ideal serving temperature


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