Botrytis Sweet


Marche Bianco IGT
Vine variety

Sauvignon Blanc 100%

First year of production


Area of production

Marche, Castelli di Jesi

Maximo is a wine which is certainly unique on the regional oenological horizon, being the product of climatic conditions which them- selves can be called unique. It is made in the highest part of the Villa Bianchi estate. Here, thanks to the very special climatic conditions caused by the alternation of high humidity and drier airflows, at fairly low temperatures, the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are at- tacked by Botrytis Cinerea in its most ‘noble’ form. This gives the wine incredibly complex and rare flavours and aromas. 

general characteristics

The vineyard occupies about two hectares. It is trained on the Guyot system and has a planting density of 4270 vines per hectare. It faces north, on the crest of a hill, at 180 meters above sea level, and lies on not very deep alluvial soil (holocene formations), with a considerable proportion of gravel, which promotes good drainage of the excess water. The yield per hectare is extremely low and rarely reaches 2 tons.
Vineyards details
The harvest is carried out by hand, with the grapes collected and transported in boxes. It is performed in at least three passes. Selection of the grapes is a very delicate matter. The object is to pick only those bunches, or portions of bunches, which have reached the right degree of concentration (30-35° on the Babo sugar meter) as a result of the attack by some varieties of noble rot. Often, the last pass does not take place till the middle of December.
The grapes are pressed whole by means of a small, gentle press. After static decantation, the resulting must is fermented on its own yeasts at a temperature of 15°C for a month. Maximo then ages for about a year in small stainless steel containers before being bottled.
37.5 cl bottle

winemaker's notes

A magnificent golden colour streaked with amber tints. On the nose it expresses distinct scents of honey, apricot and peach, followed by aromas of ripe fig, candied fruit and citrus. Rich in the mouth, where the elegant acidity fluidifies the sweetness, soft and balanced with clean, refreshing persistence, and notes of candied fruit and honey continually running through it.

Tasting Suggestion

Serving glass

Small-sized goblet, with wide body and narrow opening, so as to favour the development of aromas and their concentration in the nose.


A wine for meditation, perfect with patisserie, especially of the dry variety, and tangy cheeses.

Ideal serving temperature


Awards and recognitions

Vitigno Italia 2015
Vitigno Italia 2015
Gran Medaglia d'Oro - Annata 2010
Vini d’Italia 2013
Vini d’Italia 2013
Due Bicchieri Rossi - Annata 2009
Duemilavini 2012
Duemilavini 2012
Cinque Grappoli - Annata 2008
Duemilavini 2011
Duemilavini 2011
Cinque Grappoli - Annata 2007
I Vini di Veronelli 2009
I Vini di Veronelli 2009
Super Tre Stelle - Annata 2005
Wine Enthusiast USA - Dic. 2008
Wine Enthusiast USA - Dic. 2008
Rating 90 - Best Buy - Annata 2004

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