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Stories - Top Layer

This is our journal, a place to share news and stay connected, keeping readers up to date on developments in the world of Italian wine and internationally

Interviews, stories, previews, research & studies, projects, forays in the vineyard and cellar. Our world, our travels, our stories, to stay in touch and take you with us on this fascinating journey.

National and international press releases, business PR, our press kit. Main business content just a click away!

A continually updated section for quick access to main business content, from images to official press releases, both national and international.


Every year Umani Ronchi wines receive important awards from both critics and industry guides

Reviews and national/international awards testify to the constant, precise, passionate, quality-oriented work being done alongside efforts aimed at the constant improvement of our products.


She’s the artist behind some of our most prestigious labels

Eliana Colizzi is an artist from Abruzzo who’s been collaborating with us for a long time, sharing her inspiring designs and sketches of important wines, from Campo San Giorgio to Pelago, Villa Bianchi and Centovie.


Marco Vignoni is the architect from Le Marche who redesigned the Osimo winery

Marco was born on 19 July, 1963 in Osimo, in the province of Ancona. In 2000 he was entrusted with redesigning the cellar in functional and aesthetic terms.