Three Cellars for Three Territories

The freshly picked, ready-to-be-vinified grapes arrive at the cellar in small cases or large containers, depending on the various selections and quantities involved. This is where the vinification process begins with fermentation of the must followed by maturation and bottling. The production of Umani Ronchi wines involves the concerted efforts of three winemaking sites in the territories of Castelli di Jesi, Conero and Abruzzo. Three cellars, each with its own story and its own special strengths.

Cantina alluminio

The Cellar at Osimo

The Osimo cellar is our largest facility for vinifying montepulciano and other red-skinned grapes. A vast area of steel and cement tanks, mid-sized barrels, large ovals, small wood and riddling racks is complemented by a space for bottling, labelling and packing the finished product. Production is a serious matter here. Planning is meticulously precise and involves up-to-the-minute winemaking technology. Technical skill and a passion for detail come together to conceive what are genuine works of oenological art. Our Osimo cellar caters for all stages of winemaking, from fermentation to maturation and bottling. Wines vinified at the Umani Ronchi cellars in Castelbellino and Montipagano also find their way to Osimo. The cellar was restructured in 2000, along with La Bottaia. Today, the facility is a paragon of winemaking strategy inspired by sustainable values and was ranked among Italy’s ten most beautiful cellars by the leading daily newspaper La Repubblica.

The Laboratory

Inside the Osimo cellar is the laboratory where Umani Ronchi’s young oenologists are hard at work, supported by consultant Beppe Caviola in a synergy that has now lasted more than ten years. This is the space for analyses, studies, research and experimentation. During the harvest, the grapes are tasted, monitored and analysed at the laboratory. Laboratory staff carry out periodic microanalyses and inspections of stored and bottled wines while sensory analysis is a routine activity. This latest-generation laboratory demonstrates Umani Ronchi’s commitment to wine typicality and the promotion of native varieties.

The Cellar at Castelbellino

Castelbellino is Umani Ronchi’s long-serving white wine cellar where the verdicchio grapes are pressed, fermented and matured in cement tanks and large or mid-sized wooden containers. Bottling is the only operation that is not carried out here and takes place Osimo.


The Cellar at Montipagano

This is the cellar for Umani Ronchi’s montepulciano d’Abruzzo-based reds. The grapes are vinified here before going to Osimo for barrel maturation. But the situation is temporary because the Montipagano cellar is currently being restructured to create a new production facility that will focus on bringing out all the astonishing wine potential of the Abruzzo region.

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