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Growing vines in a virgin area is a very fascinating challenge.


Montepulciano 85%, Cabernet Sauvignon 5%, Merlot 5%, Sangiovese 5%

Mount Conero looks out onto the Adriatic from a stretch of coast that seems to ruffle the shoreline’s smooth progression. The slopes that run round the Conero promontory are home to the vineyards that the estate sets aside for red-skinned grapes, mainly Montepulciano, which around here goes by the name of Rosso Conero. Conditions here are special. The coast is near at hand and the sea has a weather-mitigating effect. Temperatures are not so high and the soil calcareous. Here the grapes ripe well and from this tiny corner of Marche, we have wines that combine extreme typicality with purity and elegance. Unique wines. That's our challenge. 

The Vineyards



An estate that covers a total of 35 hectares, San Lorenzo is one of the vineyards the Bianchi-Bernettis have owned for longest. It was here in the mid Sixties that the family began planting plots for the production of Rosso Conero. It was here, too, that the first small plot of Cabernet Sauvignon was planted in the mid Eighties.

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In the mid Seventies, the Saline holding was partially planted to vine for the production of Rosso Conero. The site was so good that subsequently the entire estate was converted to grape-growing and today is one of the most important plantings in the entire growing zone for Rosso Conero.

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The Piantate Lunghe holding extends over just 9 hectares. It was acquired by Umani Ronchi in 1998 primarily because the winery’s technical staff had identified the area as one with outstanding wine potential.

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