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Verdicchio Hills

In the Seventies, the vine stock was 85% verdicchio with 15% malvasia and trebbiano. Today, Monte Schiavo has ten hectares of verdicchio and 4.5 hectares of cabernet sauvignon and merlot, two international red grapes that are very much at home in the warm site climate and on soil that is particularly well-suited to growing these varieties.

Monte Schiavo is one of the youngest Umani Ronchi vineyards, having been completely replanted.


100-150 metres above sea level
Planting's year
1998 and 2003
Grape variety
native verdicchio 10 hectares, sauvignon blanc 2.5 hectares, merlot 1.5 hectares
Soil type
moderately deep, medium-textured, clayey, calcareous with alluvial pebbles. Alluvial terraces.
Planting's patterns
2.6 metres between the rows; 0.9-1 metres between the vines
Vine density
3,846-4,273 plants per hectare
Training systems
single Guyot for verdicchio, cordon-trained and spur-pruned for red varieties
Grape yield
50-60 quintals per hectare for red varieties; 90-100 quintals per hectare for verdicchio

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