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Jorio is Umani Ronchi’s selected Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC. It was created in the mid-nineties to express the great potential of this varietal, in collaboration with fanatically dedicated Abruzzese winegrowers with vineyards in particularly favourable areas for its growth. The name of the wine is intended as a tribute to the great twentieth-century Abruzzese poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, who made his wild, provincial native soil into a “barbaric” novelty, exciting and transgressive, with which he stirred and won the public’s favour. Here is D’Annunzio’s dedication to his pastoral tragedy The daughter of Jorio: “To the land of Abruzzi, to my mother, to my sisters, to my brother in exile, to my buried father, to all my dead, to all my people between the mountains and the sea, this song of ancient blood I consecrate.” 

general characteristics

Located in various municipalities in the Abruzzo Region, the vineyards from which we produce Jorio are distinguished by the special attention which is dedicated to pruning. The aim is to limit fruit production and create ideal conditions for air to circulate around the productive layer of the vine. These are essential conditions for ensuring ideal ripening of the Montepulciano grape.
Vineyards details
The harvest is carried out by hand and normally takes place in the period from the end of September to the mid of October.
The grapes are destalked and lightly pressed, then undergo maceration for 10- 12 days in steel fermentation vats. The temperature in this period is kept at between 26o and 28°C. As soon as the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the wine starts the malolactic fermentation. The wine next moves on to the ageing process. About 50% is aged in 5000/8000 litre oak barrels, and the rest in barriques on their third or fourth time of use, for a period of about 12 months. After assemblage, the wine rests in bottle for several months.
75 cl, 1.5 litre bottles

winemaker's notes

Deep ruby red, recalls plums and red cherries on the nose, followed by balsamic and salty notes on a background of ripe liquorice. With eloquent and clean tannins in the mouth, it comes across as full and vigorous, with a long and intense finish.

Tasting Suggestion

Serving glass

Goblet of medium size and roughly spherical shape, to allow better appreciation of the complex aromas.


Pasta with meat sauces, roast white and red meat, chicken and rabbit chasseur, mixed grills.

Ideal serving temperature


Awards and recognitions

93 punti - Vintage 2016
Prix Du Public Desjardins - CA 2015
Prix Du Public Desjardins - CA 2015
Médaille Or - Vintage 2012
Korea Wine Challenge - KR 2014
Korea Wine Challenge - KR 2014
Bronze Medal - Vintage 2011
Selections Mondiales des Vins 2013 - CA
Selections Mondiales des Vins 2013 - CA
Médaille d'Argent - Vintage 2011
Wine Enthusiast USA - Giu. 2012
Wine Enthusiast USA - Giu. 2012
87/100 - Vintage 2009
The Wine Advocate Usa - 2011
The Wine Advocate Usa - 2011
90/100 - Vintage 2008
Sommeliers Wine Challenge - CN	2010
Sommeliers Wine Challenge - CN 2010
Silver Medal - Vintage 2006

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