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Marche Rosso IGT
Grape varieties

Montepulciano 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Merlot 10%

First year of production


Area of production

Marche, Conero

Pelago joined the list of the most sought-after Italian wines in the world in 1997, with its first year of production, when it won the Best Red Wine trophy at the International Wine Challenge in London. Pelago is the result of the insight of our technical group, who had the idea of mating Montepulciano with Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a wine which retains the style and personality of the indigenous grapes while broadening its aromatic profile and complexity by adding qualities of the Bordeaux style of wine. To maintain a high standard of quality, we chose to produce it only in those years which provided grapes suitable for a fine wine. The name Pelago, deriving from pelagos, meaning ‘sea’ in ancient Greek, suggests its marine character and the special qualities of taste and aroma which are typical of wines produced near the coast. 

general characteristics

The vineyard from which Pelago originates is situated on our estate in the municipality of Osimo, at about 100-150 meters above sea level, on a south-east- facing hillside. The terrain, which started out as marine formations from the Pleiocene-Pleistocene era, consists of very deep soil, a very deep, chalky clay loams. The yield is limited by very close pruning and targeted thinning, and can vary from five to 5-7 tons per hectare according to the season.
Vineyards details
The grapes are picked by hand, and collected and transported in boxes. Harvesting starts at the beginning of September with the Merlot, continues at the end of the month with the Cabernet Sauvignon, and finishes with the Montepulciano, a fairly late variety, in October, when the grapes have reached peak condition with an advanced degree of phenolic ripening.
The grapes are destalked and lightly crushed, then fermented at 27-29°C in steel fermentation tanks, with the cap submerged, for 14-15 days on natural yeasts. Once the malolactic fermentation has taken place, the wine is trans- ferred to 225 litre oak barrels for ageing, for a period of 14 months. After bottling, Pelago is left to age further, in a temperature-controlled environment, for about 12 months.
75 cl, 1.5, 3 litre bottles

winemaker's notes

Inky ruby red tinged with purple hints. The nose unfurls a typical Cabernet profile of intense, clean, refined spice notes of coffee, black pepper, liquorice and tobacco against a backdrop of grass and hay. The mouth unfurls forest berries, vanilla and mineral aromas, and noticeable but mature tannins all in harmony with the wine’s elegance.

Tasting Suggestion

Serving glass

A large glass, with a fairly broad body. This allows the correct oxygenation of red wines which have had long ageing in bottle and whose tannins have taken on a softer character, developing complex tertiary aromas which will be well-concentrated in the narrower opening of the glass.


A perfect match for red meat, game-birds and mature cheese.

Ideal serving temperature


Awards and recognitions - 2019 - 2019
92 punti - Vintage 2015
Quattro Viti - Vintage 2014
90/100 - Vintage 2013
I 100 vini da riassaggiare - Vintage 1997
Quattro Viti - Vintage 2012
92 punti - Vintage 2012
Vitae 2016
Vitae 2016
Quattro Viti - Vintage 2011
Vitigno Italia 2015
Vitigno Italia 2015
Medaglia d'Argento - Vintage 2010
Vinous - Jun. 2015
Vinous - Jun. 2015
90/100 - Vintage 2010 - Oct. 2015 - Oct. 2015
91/100 - Vintage 2011
Vini d’Italia 2013
Vini d’Italia 2013
Due Bicchieri Rossi - Vintage 2009
Wine Enthusiast - Lug 2013
Wine Enthusiast - Lug 2013
91/100 - Vintage 2009
The Wine Advocate Usa - Feb. 2013
The Wine Advocate Usa - Feb. 2013
93/100 - Vintage 2008 - 2012 - 2012
92/100 - Vintage 2008
Vini d’Italia 2012
Vini d’Italia 2012
Due Bicchieri Rossi - Vintage 2008
Selections Mondiales des Vins 2011 - CA
Selections Mondiales des Vins 2011 - CA
Médaille d'Or - Vintage 2007
Vini d’Italia 2010
Vini d’Italia 2010
Tre Bicchieri - Vintage 2006
London Int. Wine Challenge UK 2005
London Int. Wine Challenge UK 2005
Gold Medal - Vintage 2001
London Int. Wine Challenge UK 1997
London Int. Wine Challenge UK 1997
Best Red Wine Overall - Vintage 1994

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