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In Antwerp with Young Charly and the Legendary Wines.

Open Bottle Days. A day in the Young Charly cellar in Antwerp for the Annual Tasting focused on "Legendary Wines".
Over 40 select wineries from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and many labels to taste and choose.

Mainly Belgian guests with a deep knowledge and open approach to venture between different vine-growing regions, samples and wine stories. And so our selection also becomes a small journey through the grape varieties of Marche and Abruzzo. From Pecorino to Verdicchio, up to Montepulciano;  the Centovie Pecorino 2016, the Plenio 2016, the Cumaro 2014 stand out on the tasting table among the other labels. You can breathe professionalism, attention to value for money, the search for niche appellations and interesting new labels to propose on wine lists.

The tasting was jus a part of the two-days event organised by Young Charly. The trade walk-around tasting was preceded by a wine dinner with special guests and producers around the tables, to present the wines of the night. For us, Verdicchio Vecchie Vigne 2017 and Plenio 2016.

Alongside Umani Ronchi wines, exclusive labels from Domaine Jean-Paul Balland, Ca'del Bosco, Argiolas, Chateau Lafon-Rochet, Guimaro.

Here it is the photo report!