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Abruzzo and the Centovie project. An introduction by Michele Bernetti

Michele Bernetti talks about the idea behind Centovie’s project: a place with a beautiful view of Gran Sasso in front of which, many years ago, the Bernetti family imagined and then realized, a valuable project for Abruzzo region and for its most significant varieties. The family purpose was to work with dedication and respect in order to leave a trace in the wine history of this extraordinary area.

“ Centovie (that in English means “One hundred ways”) is a word that symbolically represents different departures and arrivals in life. For us Centovie symbolizes a path started in 2015, with Pecorino, continued with the first Umani Ronchi organic Rosé and completed with Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. A wine that was not there and that doesn’t seek for emulations, meant to be a personal interpretation of a grape variety and a land. "


Enjoy the video!