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Centovie, our new organic Pecorino

To present our CENTOVIE Pecorino Igt organic 2015 we have chosen the most important wine appointment of the year, Vinitaly 2017. Centovie is produced in Roseto degli Abruzzi where Umani Ronchi owns an estate of 30 hectares (mostly Montepulciano, partly Pecorino) facing the magnificent Gran Sasso d’Italia. These are the same territories where we also produce from several years Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Jorio and Pecorino Vellodoro, two products appreciated in Italy and abroad. These grapes are organic more for a nature desire than a human decision since the sunny and windy location together with a balanced and self- sufficient substratum don’t require any additional interference.

In our Abruzzo lands this project started 25 years ago, growing through agronomic experimentation and vinification, also supported by the average age of the vines that has contributed to a bigger grapes complexity and to two different farming systems.

Centovie, that has been inspired by the estate rows, ages partly in concrete and partly in tonneaux for one year, collecting a mix of perfumes and aromas that synthetize this unique land.

CENTOVIE wine is born by observing our rows in a frontal position during a bright and inspiring day in the CENTOVIE area, where, next to an old colonic house lives this beautiful old lemon tree that gave us the idea for the label. It is a Pecorino that collects a mix of perfumes and aromas that synthetize this unique land. Beside this product we’ll soon add a Centovie Montepulciano.

We tried to concentrate in just few lines of the back label, CENTOVIE spirt:

CENTOVIE is the name of a place, of a space, of a path, or maybe of several itineraries and perspectives, as the name suggests, name that we have extremely loved from the beginning for its inspiring essence”.

Massimo e Michele Bernetti