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Centovie Rosato 2020. New bottle!

Harvest 2020 will be never forgotten, mainly for the mood and feelings that had accompanied us throughout the year. Inspired by these moments, we have had the impulse to apply an important variation to our Centovie.

This is a wine that from the very beginning has found important admiration regarding its quality and innovative interpretation, in Italy and abroad. To ensure the best organoleptic integrity, we have made several evaluations, which have suggested us to abandon the transparent glass in favor of a more protective and special one.

The world of rosé wines is increasingly becoming a world of its own and in constant evolution, where the charming and chromatic impact is combined with the substantial aspects of the wine, as in no other type. Therefore, by following this tendency, we believe that the new Centovie Rosato organic can only grow its original and distinctive appeal within the wine category.

Have a look at the gallery and discover the new bottle of our Organic Centovie Rosato!