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Conero Experience!

This is the "Conero Experience", a wooden box  produced in a limited edition and dedicated to the Conero world.
A craft-made case decorated with the ink drawing by the artist Eliana Colizzi who reproduces the Conero headland. Sea, light, sun, earth and air create a distinctive microclimate that gives elegance, typicity and purity to Montepulciano.

The wines contained in this box represent the authentic summa of a particularly-suited territory and express all our effort to its enhancement.

The Limited Edition contains the following wines:
- 2 bottles of Pelago, the wine born in 1994 from the intuition of Giacomo Tachis, who decided to combine with Montepulciano, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
- 2 bottles of Cumaro, our historical Reserve since 1985
- 2 bottles of Campo San Giorgio, the most important "Cru" of Umani Ronchi

Today the special box is available only at the Wine Shop in Osimo but will be soon distributed in the main markets around the world.