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#deguSTIAMOacasa: our new video section

During this #lockdown we asked to our teammate to challenge each other with a series of video from their own homes, where in just around 1 minute everyone is asked to talk about an Umani Ronchi wine

#deguSTIAMOacasa is the name of this video section that is a journey through our wines!

Enjoy the wine tasting with

- Centovie Rosato and Giulia Benini Export Department

Centovie Pecorino and Federica Gismondi Export Department

Vecchie Vigne and Monica Ippoliti, Italian Department  

- Fonte del Re and Federica Gismondi, Export Department

- Casal di Serra and Giulia Benini, Export Department

- La Hoz Rosè and Andrès Ariza, Wine Shop Manager

For other information about the wines: