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Introducing the Cùmaro 2015!

Michele Bernetti describes the new vintage of the Conero Riserva Cùmaro:

Cumaro 2015, one of the best vintages of the last years, will be available from November and will bring a small review of the image.

The wine doesn’t change, keeping its deep relation to the unique terroir of the Conero area, we just decided to make the image of the "Corbezzolo" more in line with the style of the new labels of our unique selections. Today, with the last review of the Cumaro label, we complete the restyling of the image of our iconic wines Pelago, Plenio, Vecchie Vigne and Cùmaro.

It is another step forward, fruit of thoughts, debates, considerations and developments. Another piece that we like to embed in our mosaic of winery life and that surely will accompany you in the future with satisfactions and new emotions.

Discover the new Cùmaro!