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Pelago changes image to celebrate its 18th harvest

With the vintage 2012 Pelago turns 18!

For the occasion Massimo and Michele Bernetti talk about this famous wine from the beginning till today:

“Someone will remember that with its first vintage, 1994, Pelago was awarded as best wine of the world during the International Wine Challenge of London in 1997. This extraordinary recognition together with a huge media attention gave to Pelago an immortal position in the national and international wine scene.

For its 18th birthday Pelago changes its iconic image to present a brand new label. A new dress distant from temporary and fashionable trends, but with a classic and timeless style. A label destined to be the image of this wine during the future decades. To realize this new version we have been helped by an artist that in few essential marks has captured Pelago’s main essence.

Pelago means “sea” and we tried to catch the infinite shadows of the depth, just like the marine contest in which this wine was born and evolved, environment  that donates  to this product a unique and inimitable soul. Together with the label restyling, Pelago 2012 also experienced technical changes like an even more accurate grapes selection and a consequential attention to its specific harvest timing.

A renewal that respects the product story and remains loyal to its origins. This is the aim behind Pelago’s label changing and the secret of every successful great adventure.”

The new Pelago image has been presented for the very first time in the Osimo winery on Monday November 14, with an aperitif and an Umani Ronchi top wines tasting. In this special context, the Pelago 2012 preview.

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