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Plenio and Pope Francesco

One year is almost gone from July 22nd 2013 when Pope Francis, just after few months after his election, left for his first apostolic journey in Rio de Janeiro, to officiate the 28th World Youth Day. An historic day for the Catholic Church but also for Umani Ronchi. Only recently infact Umani Ronchi revealed that in the menu of that important event there was also a little piece of Marche, since Verdicchio Plenio 2008 was selected as wine for the Holy Father travel. “Plenio is one of our most symbolic wines coming from vineyards from Cupramontana ,multi-award winning by Gambero Rosso Ais and Veronelli. It distinguishes itself by a long persistence and it is rich of perfumes and aromas that together with its elegance creates a unique wine. Having the possibility to be present someway, even if just with a small contribution, make us so proud and honored about our work and this land. Obviously we will always jealously treasure this precious menu , considering it as one of our most important Wine Shop recognitions.”