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Rosso Conero and Campo San Giorgio: the story of an iconic wine.

On June 12, 1973 Umani Ronchi presented the Registration of the figurative trademark of the Rosso Conero label, a declaration of protection of that trademark which would serve to distinguish a particular wine produced and a small denomination linked to a valuable territory over time: "The trademark in question consists of a rectangular field not delimited by lines. In this field there is a landscape with a view of Monte Conero and a typical local village, overlooking fruitful vineyards."
A narration through still current words and images, which comes to life in Campo San Giorgio Conero Riserva Docg, the most important Umani Ronchi Cru. A project that was born from afar, in order to enhance and preserve the winemaking, historical and cultural heritage of a little-known and little-understood territory.


Campo San Giorgio, the project
“For some years we have had the desire to enhance a wine-growing area as beautiful and suited as it is little known and understood, such as the Conero area, strengthened by the long experience and family tradition ,and convinced that the Montepulciano vine grown here had not yet demonstrated its fullest potential." (Michele Bernetti and Massimo Bernetti)

Campo San Giorgio is a wine that comes from a very clear vineyard project. In the early 2000s Michele Bernetti identified a small plot of land within the Osimo vineyard, at the highest and most ventilated point, with an eastern exposure that ensures the light and warmth of the sun from early morning until sunset. He wanted to create a vineyard here that could respond to the need to express the maximum elegance of the historic Conero vine, Montepulciano, taking advantage of the characteristics of this particular environment. A choice in contrast with the more traditional techniques that favour the strength and muscularity of the vine, instead of the elegance and finesse.

The vineyard takes shape: 8000 plants per hectare, just over 2 meters between the rows and 60 cm on the row. The right form of farming had to be found. Giacomo Tachis, the winery's consultant oenologist, had advised to let the Montepulciano mature by lowering the training methods: bringing the grapes closer to the ground to exploit their heat would have favoured the earlier phenolic maturation of the vineyard, allowing for perfect ripening of the grapes. It takes inspiration from the bush vine training: small 39 cm stems and two branches (instead of 4, like the traditional one) which lead to two spurs at the top. Seeing that the vigour of the plants was significant, an additional vegetative point was added.
The Campo San Giorgio alberello (bush vine) is born. The first results exceeded expectations: the grapes benefited from this proximity and reached a phenolic maturity that was not obtained in other vineyards.
The maturity of the phenolic substances guaranteed freshness and elegance. The challenge was won, but the path towards a first production was long. It took years of harvesting and experimentation to arrive at the first official vintage, 2009 which was only be presented in 2013. A limited edition made up of 2814 bottles and only available on the domestic market.


Naming and packaging
“Campo San Giorgio is a valuable wine, made with care, passion and craftsmanship, which describes a small and beautiful denomination. A wine in which we have put so much effort and which represents our peak in the production of great reds. It is a pure Montepulciano but without exasperating its characteristic strength and structure, but enhancing its elegance and silky tannins instead. It refines in small wood barrels for 12 months and for another year in large barrels, followed by a long rest in the bottle. Michele Bernetti's video story.


The name
Campo San Giorgio is the cadastral appellation of a particle located in the municipality of Osimo, a small piece of land worked with manual attention to detail and where there is an almost unique combination of natural elements. Sea, light, sun, land and air generate a particular microclimate that gives elegance, typicality and purity to the Montepulciano variety. The chosen name therefore has a geographical reason and wants to underline the unique and strong bond with the territory.


The label
It is deliberately vintage. A hand drawing, made in Indian ink and entrusted to the artist Ileana Colazzilli, which recalls the label used for Rosso Conero between 1968 and 1972, and reproduces the vineyards of Via San Giorgio, Camerano and Monte Conero.


Campo San Giorgio, tasting notes
The colour is intense and impenetrable ruby ​​red, with lively and crimson reflections. The bouquet is full and distinctly fruity. The ripe cherry emerges, followed by hints of plum and orange peel, blending with the sweet spiciness, such as licorice root and vanilla. The taste is distinguished by depth and concentration: the sweetness of the fruit accompanies the palate, determining harmony and silky tannins. Long aromatic persistence, mainly characterised by notes of aromatic herbs which determine a long and pleasant finish.
Link to product sheet.


Campo San Giorgio, the Experience
A limited edition wine that also becomes an Experience, through a wooden box that contains the main and best expressions of the Conero territory, but also through a tasting room surrounded by vineyards where you can taste old vintages and selections coming from this strip of land. “Among the vineyards of Campo San Giorgio, we have created a small tasting room dedicated to the "Conero Experience" itinerary. A space that encloses and describes the agricultural soul of our Cellar, through objects and testimonies of the past.