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Umani Ronchi presents Vecchie Vigne Historical

Vecchie Vigne Historical
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore
2018 Harvest
Organic wine


“After about 60 months of aging, Historical is revealed, Umani Ronchi's tribute to Verdicchio, noble fruit of a unique land; dedicated to Time, with its silences and its precious answers."

Michele and Massimo Bernetti


Historical is a project that starts from the land and its profound knowledge, exactly from a small isolated plot of land among the historic vineyards of Montecarotto, within the Verdicchio Classico area.

Historical is the story of a research and a desire, with a genesis that was long and complex, as with all the great tales. A wine destined to refine over 5 years before revealing itself, with the romantic and concrete aim of being counted among the greatest non-aromatic white wines from Italy and beyond.


A small production of 4944 bottles and 50 magnums, which makes its debut with the 2018 harvest.

Vecchie Vigne Historical ranks itself next to Campo San Giorgio Conero Riserva, with which it shares an elective affinity in terms of image, ambition and positioning. Both labels are designed by the artist Ileana Colazzilli, whose talented hand can be recognized on some Umani Ronchi bottles.


Available from June 2023! Discover more