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Equalitas Sustainability Certification

Our winery has always been very attentive versus the different aspects of a sustainable growth of the company, the territory and its biodiversity and, after many years of inspiring working, we have been able to officially certify our job. With more than 200 organically grown hectars of vineyards between Marche and Abruzzo regions, we have set an ambitious standard in the whole area, that will generate further developments. The result has been made possible by the continuous commitment of our family in achieving measurable aims: from the implementation of ‘zero impact’ agronomic practices to the use of increasingly sustainable packaging components, up to the consumption of energy from renewable sources over all the supply chain.

Equalitas is a worldwide recognized sustainability standard set for the wine sector, born with the will to provide a unique certification, for Corporate and Product sustainability. The Equalitas Standard provides verifiable requirements on all dimensions of environmental, social, economic sustainability and measurable indicators, such as carbon footprint, water footprint and biodiversity, a guarantee of quality for the consumer in compliance with solid requirements.

Every year we'll prepare a Sustainability Report setting out the improvement policies that we intend to put into practice and measuring the overall situation. An independent body performs an audit to certify progress: this guarantees greater transparency, but also encourages businesses to show constant commitment and efficiency.

We are very confident that you will appreciate this great effort and we remain at your complete disposal for any further question you or your customers want to know. We’re enclosing copy of our certificate as we understand that more and more of our final customers want to get informations on the sustainability practices experienced by the suppliers.

Michele e Massimo Bernetti