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Montepulciano is one of the most widespread indigenous varieties in Italy, and is cultivated predominently along the Adriatic side of the peninsula. The Umani Ronchi version of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is intended to be an interpretation of this vine which aims to exalt its varietal characteristics and its freshness, combining these qualities with just the right amount of charm and softness. The result is a very pleasant and drinkable wine which goes with many different kinds of dishes. 

general characteristics

The vineyards from which we obtain the grapes are located predominantly in the provinces of Chieti and Teramo. The most widespread training system in the Abruzzo Region is the tendone, which is known for being a fairly productive system. Where it is used with the correct balance, it can yield grapes of excellent quality.
Vineyards details
The harvest is carried out by hand and normally takes place in the period from the end of September through the first ten days of October.
Maceration for a maximum of ten days, in steel fermenting vats, followed first by alcoholic and then malolactic fermentation. The wine then moves on matur- ing process, in steel for about 4 months. The wine rests for a short while in bottle before being put on sale.
75 cl / 1.5 litre bottles

winemaker's notes

A young and immediately drinkable wine: ruby red colour with violet tints, delicate aromas of plum and morello cherry, robust and full-bodied in the mouth, slightly tannin-rich with a dry and flavourful finish.

Tasting Suggestion

Serving glass

Goblet of medium size and roughly spherical shape, to allow better appreciation of the complex aromas.


Pasta with meat sauces, roast white and red meat, chicken and rabbit chasseur, mixed grills.

Ideal serving temperature


Awards and recognitions

Wine Enthusiast USA - Giu. 2012
Wine Enthusiast USA - Giu. 2012
Médaille d'Argent - Vintage 2005
Selections Mondiales des Vins 2007 - CA
Selections Mondiales des Vins 2007 - CA
Médaille d'Argent - Vintage 2005
New Zealand Int. Wine Show NZ - 2012
New Zealand Int. Wine Show NZ - 2012
Bronze Medal - Vintage 2010
Quaff - Ed. HGB
Quaff - Ed. HGB
Foreign red wine of the year award - Vintage 2002

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