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2015 Harvest Report: some figures while we wait to drink this new vintage

Climatic and phytosanitary trend

Season 2015 has been distinguished by rainy and quite moderated autumn/winter, and the whole spring together with the first part of summer have helped to increase till a unusual level the water mass along our vineyards. Summer has been described from weather’s experts as one of the hottest of the last 120 years, and only thanks to the huge water stock kept by the soil our vineyards have been able to overtake the scorching heat playing also an anticipating role on the grapes’ ripening time. Nothing to say regarding the phytosanitary aspect with a defense that has been managed without any particular problem, both in organic vineyards and in the conventional ones, allowing us to meaningfully decrease the pesticides’ intrusion.

Harvest Season

As previously anticipated, the consequence of the above climatic trend has been an harvest that started around three weeks before than usual and it actually finished during the month of September.

As every year the vineyard that opened the harvest on August the 5th has been the Chardonnay one, for our sparkling wines, the Verdicchio instead has been collected starting from the 30th of the same month and the Conero’s and Abruzzo’s Montepulciano between the middle and the end of September.

Quality and Quantity

A vintage during which we have treasured the experience matured during the 2003, 2007, 2011 e 2012 harvests, vintages as much hot as this one, where have been essential the managing of the harvest timing: have been taken choices directed to preserve the acidity and aromatic peculiarities of the white grape variety and to maintain the integrity and the fragrance of the fruit, avoiding even the over-extractions of the red grapes in the winery.

In conclusion we can say that this year gave us excellent results, so much to be considered as one of the best ever in the last decades for the red wines and in particular for the Montepulciano variety.

The only less positive aspect is connected to a decrease of the production of about 8/9% respect 2014.