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30 harvests with Luigi Piersanti! The video story.

In the year that celebrates the first 30 harvests of our Head Agronomist Luigi Piersanti, supporting the Bernetti family, a video recounts the beauty of working the land adapting to nature, climate change and everyday challenges, going through black and white photos, more difficult years, unexpected successes. All these things with a thread that unites the plot of the film: the passion and pride of working for 30 years for a dynamic company, responsive to innovations but linked to the manual labour too.

We followed Luigi in his places, in our places, for a few hours; we have observed his gestures and we have, once again, felt the value of time, of memory, of the land. Follow us and discover the beauty of this work and of the people who, with dedication, perseverance and trust, have contributed to the good of the company managed with the unique vision of the Massimo and Michele Bernetti.

Here is the video: enjoy!