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Our wines in a journey among Poland and Estonia

Double appointment with the Italian wine: a journey between Poland and Estonia for an Italian tasting dedicated to the trade market.

The first step is in Warsaw with Let’s taste Italy on January 24th. This is the occasion to introduce Umani Ronchi wines to buyers and importers always interested to stay in contact with the Italian wine world and oriented to an “educational” quality drinking that is getting very influential among local consumers.

On January 26th instead we’ll join Let’s Drink Italy in Tallinn. This double appointment in East Europe has been possible thanks to the Italian wine success in these countries where with 16% of the market Italy keeps the second position for wines importations, just after Spain.

With us a wide Umani Ronchi wines selection, starting from Villa Bianchi, Casal di Serra and Plenio passing through Serrano, Podere, Cùmaro and Jorio.

Let's go! Always ready for a new tasting...