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Vinitaly 2019 – 53rd edition

"The art that generates art" is the subject of Opera Wine 2019. Wine as an artistic expression, the enchantment of a masterpiece that comes to life with the experience and dedication of the producers. This year 103 winemakers selected by Wine Spectator for the Grand Tasting which anticipates the opening of the 53rd edition of Vinitaly. We will be among the protagonists of the Finest Italian Wines for the eighth consecutive year with Verdicchio Vecchie Vigne 2016 at Palazzo della Gran Guardia on April 6th.

Vinitaly will officially start on April 7th. Wines, territories, different vintages, everything that is making the world enology history, among buyers, sommeliers, oenologists, experts and journalists. For Umani Ronchi is the 53rd presence, here a preview of what we will bring to the fair!

This year we will focus on Abruzzo and we will introduce you our new Montepulciano Centovie organic that comes from a selection of the best grapes of our estate in Roseto degli Abruzzi. A wine that belongs to the Centovie project and that - after several years of study and experimentation - ideally completes the path started with Pecorino and Rosato. We will let you taste the first Umani Ronchi fresh rosè and we are going to anticipate how the image of our Vecchie Vigne will soon change.

Vecchie Vigne vintage 2016 instead will be the center of our Vinitaly tastings participations : from "The amazing quality of the whites of the center" DoctorWine’s Selection by Daniele Cernilli, to the Special Edition of Tre Bicchieri 2019 by Gambero Rosso, until Opera Wine.

You can also find us with Plenio and Cùmaro at the Terrazza delle Marche stand, for the permanent tasting of wines from Marche region.

Come to visit us at Pad 7 Stand E4!


The complete calendar of events and tasting:


Verona, Palazzo della Gran Guardia - April 6th

Opera Wine Finest Italian Wines 100 Great Producers

Tasting of Vecchie Vigne 2016


Verona Fiere, Hall 10 stand A4 / B4 - April 7th, 4.30 pm

Vinitaly Tasting - The DoctorWine Selection: The amazing quality of the whites of the center

Tasting of Vecchie Vigne 2016


Verona Fiere, Sala Argento 1 PalaExpo, entrance A2 (floor -1) from 11:30 to 16:30 April 7th

Tre Bicchieri 2019 Vinitaly Special Edition

Tasting of Vecchie Vigne 2016


Verona Fiere, Terrazza delle Marche stand, from April 7th to April 10th  

Permanent tasting of Marche wines

In tasting: Plenio 2016 and Cùmaro 2014In degustazione: Plenio 2016 e Cùmaro 2014