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Harvest 2018, here we are!

We asked our vineyard manager a small update about the harvest evolution. Here it is today's bulletin!

In the Marche region we have just finished to collect Chardonnay for the sparkling base wine and started the Verdicchio harvest for the Metodo Classico and La Hoz. This week we are also picking Merlot bunches then we will approch the harvest of Verdicchio grapes for the simpliest and freshiest wines. And so on.

While in Abruzzo we have started from Pecorino variety. Regarding Montepulciano, we are doing some leaf stripping on the vineyards used for the best production just right now; we need to still wait about 2 weeks for the harvest.

It was a good season from a climate point of view. The rains and the cool climate of spring and early summer were offset by a rather hot and dry July and August. The quality is interesting as well as the quantity that seems to recover the percentage losses of the last year and to be in line with the historical average.

This is the current situation; however during the harvest we chart a rudderless course, looking at the movements of the sky and sampling all the vineyards at least once a week to monitor the level of grape ripeness (for example, if it rains today, the harvest will be postponed the day after tomorrow because the rain water makes the grapes too watery in the first phase and needs to be metabolized).

Stay tuned... and follow the Umani Ronchi harvest on our social pages!

See you soon!