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Here it is the 2019 Vintage Report

From the climatic point of view, the 2019 vintage will be regarded for a mild, dry winter and a spring marked by a significally cold, rainy May. This favored the restoration of a good water reserve that is an essential condition to cope with summer drought in a vine-growing area - as Marche and Abruzzo - where vines are predominantly dry farmed.

Summer - specially the month of July - was really warm but with enough rainfall to guarantee good conditions for the berry growth and bridge the ripening delay due to the cool month of May.

Shining sunny days with moderate temperatures during September - a recurring condition of the last seasons - allowed a smooth harvest of the earlier-ripening grapes while the late-ripening varieties - as Montepulciano - were able to reach a perfect balance in acidity, sugars and phenolic levels.

The harvest began on August 12th in the Castelli di Jesi area. The first-picked variety was Chardonnay for our Traditional Method sparkling wines, together with Verdicchio grapes collected in the last week of the month. Few days later we started the harvest in Roseto degli Abruzzi with Pecorino grapes. During mid-September we had harvested Verdicchio for still wines, Montepulciano for rosé wines, Merlot and Sangiovese.
Then Cabernet Sauvignon and Montepulciano destinated to our premium wines from the end of September to the first half of October.

The 2019 vintage registered a clear drop in the overall output compared to the previous year and ranks slightly below the average of the last our productions.

Regarding the quality, excellent vintage for both white wines and red ones.