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Montecarotto and Serra dei Conti.

Early morning is the best time to visit vineyards…the sky is of a bright intense and pale blue and the temperature is ideal to walk around the rows of vines. Our journey starts from Le Busche, the Verdicchio land in the Montecarotto area. From a white road we arrive to a wide green valley where you find yourself immerse between vineyards that go down and then rise again, following the soft and natural land movement. Perfect lines realized by man and nature. A colorful show full of green shades. In two weeks we will already have the grapes. Today it's possible to glimpse between the leaves pepper grapes that emerged after the blossoming.It’s here that the Casal di Serra Verdicchio grapes grow. Instead in a small side of the same vineyard, almost hidden and protected, we distinguish the Vecchie Vigne Casal di Serra veneyards. In here they are loved and jealously cherished because they symbolize a piece of history and a real value for the company. Hidden by elms, mulberries, walnuts and figs trees there is a farm house. We go inside and we find a tasting room.Our trip continues through the historical center of Montecarotto, a small Borgo that seems stuck in the past… and it finishes in the Serra dei Conti vineyard among the cicerchia fields…it’s 10.30am and the sun starts to warm up. We go back to the winery…a top tasting is waiting for us, obviously all focused on Verdicchio!