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Music, books & no stop wine! #iorestoacasa #stayhome

In this moment in which we are rediscovering our time, books and music fill our days at home. So, here are some suggestions that have a connection with wine.

Jazz & Wines: our playlist and the right wine to connect with jazz music

1. Cumaro + Miles Davis, Flamenco Sketches (kind of blue).
Deep and elegant. Delicate and meaningful, like the best jazz album of all the time.

2. Casal di Serra + John Coltrane, My favorite things
Less introspective but glowing as a jazz classic. My Favorite things, a glass of Casal di Serra, like a ritual or a habit we don't want to quit.

3. Centovie Pecorino Bio + Kokoroko, Abusey Junction
A young band and “Abusey Junction”. On the album’s cover, land and sea recall the intensity of the Gran Sasso mountain and the mitigating force of the Adriatic where grapes of our Pecorino come from.

4.Centovie Rosato Bio + Makaya McCraven, I'm new here (We're new again)
A young jazz musician rethinking an album by Gil Scott Heron, black music legend and father of the rap genre.
A bright and young wine, reinterpretation of Montepulciano.

Wines & books: titles and wines

1. "La stirpe del vino" by Attilio Scienza and Serena Imazio + Vecchie Vigne
A book that goes deep down to the roots of the vine and reveals the origin of the great Italian vines between kinships, crossings, exchanges, stories and movements.  A  journey to do together with our Vecchie Vigne.

2. "Wine, potatoes and red apples" by Joanne Harris + Plenio
"Wine speaks". We like how Joanne Harris starts, because we know that wine can also have stories to tell to those who are ready to listen. The most interesting ones, sometimes complex, are the long-lived wines that proudly and naturally speak about their years, with unique style and characteristics impressed by time.

3. "The Pleasures of the cellar" by Jay McInerney + Campo San Giorgio
"Few books on wine are so pleasant to read." (New York Times). The American Jay McInerney shares some considerations of his experience with wine and encourages the reader to search for his own.

4. "The Waves" by Virginia Wolf + Pelago
The sea is energy. It is movement and balance, it is time. It is the endless relationship between the tide and the beach. The return of the same wave on the same shore. An image that inevitably recalls the Pelago label.

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