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Abruzzo is the Wine Region of the Year according to Wine Enthusiast!

Wine lovers have always celebrated the world's legendary wine regions, but the most discerning oenophiles know that hidden gems are discovered off the beaten track by tasting...this is the incipit of the Wine Enthusiast article that elects Abruzzo as the Wine Region of the Year 2022.

Unique microclimates extend across the 36,000 hectares of vineyards that grow between the mountains and the sea, between unspoilt villages, breathtaking natural landscapes, full of waterfalls, rivers and historic castles. Abruzzo is fast becoming an ambitious slow travel destination as well, emphasising a sustainable connection to the local culture, people, gastronomy and music.

The Bernetti family recognised the value of this region over 22 years ago and decided to invest here around year 2000, by researching and selecting 35 hectares of outstanding vineyards, halfway between the Gran Sasso and the Adriatic Sea, where nature thrives in harmony. The Centovie estate embraces an all-organic project oriented towards the cultivation of Montepulciano and Pecorino, native vines that know how to express the characteristics, the significance and the beauty of this place and this land. Immerse yourself in our Abruzzo!

The agricultural and pastoral tradition imbued with innovation, natural beauty and the remarkable variety and abundance of wines produced from pristine mountain areas, make Abruzzo a much loved and vibrant region today more than ever... Here is the complete article by Wine Enthusiast, have a good reading.