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New 2015 vintage: Villa Bianchi, Vigor, Vellodoro and Fortunae available now!

Already available the first wines of the vintage 2015 and of course they are the youngest whites of our production like Fortunae, Villa Bianchi, Babylon, Vigor and Vellodoro.

Such a great vintage with a final result of fresh wines, immediate pleasantness and intense aromas.
In the Bianchello del Metauro Fortunae we can immediately feel the golden apple aroma and the nice freshness, while in the Verdicchio Villa Bianchi is instantly possible to feel the mineral personality together with white pulp fruits and flowers.
Passerina Vigor and Pecorino Vellodoro surely perform one of their best vintages ever. Both very harmonic with summer fruits notes, more tropical in the Vigor and some white peach in the Vellodoro.

If you want to know more check the harvest report 2015.