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Podere, Serrano, Villa Bianchi: new image

Serrano, Villa Bianchi and Podere will be presented  with a new aligned design.
The drawing on the label used for the three wines shows the house from which it all began.

Villa Bianchi, built in 1890 in the Municipality of Maiolati Spontini, collects the first memories, inspirations and ideas from which the Bernetti family's oenological adventure started.

An ancient house immersed in the vineyards, as a symbolic heart that gathers feelings, sacrifices and hopes of an extraordinary work of the land.

The drawing on the label has been realized by Eliana Colizzi, the artist from Abruzzo who already shares with us ideas and sketches of other important wines: from Campo San Giorgio to Pelago and Centovie. We like the idea that the trait of the same hand ideally connects our wines.

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The new image...