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The release of the new Casal di Serra 2019

"We went back to the past in order to rewrite the present."

Casal di Serra is one of the most iconic wines of our history, it have passed through decades of changes and trends but stayed faithful to its extraordinary territory and to an idea of ​​timeless style. These elements have inspired us to review the image of this wine, in order to express the inner spirit - bright, elegant and distinctive - that have always characterized our first selection of Verdicchio, since 1983.

We went back to the past in order to rewrite the present.

On the back label of Casal di Serra you’ll find the daisy without a petal, who has the aim to represent, symbolically, the value of imperceptible imperfection, the undiscovered space imagined as an ideal metaphor of an endless quality research.

Discover the new Casal di Serra!