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The third “Villa Bianchi” wine bar opens in Tokyo

A great success for “Il Marchigiano-Villa Bianchi” restaurants opened in Tokyo by the Japanese group Dynac in cooperation with Umani Ronchi, testimonial of Le Marche food & wine excellences.

The project started a couple of years ago with the first restaurant opening, when the best cuisine of Le Marche and Umani Ronchi wines immediately became the main protagonists for this Japanese success. Today we can ccount to 3 restaurants with the same formula.

Between Umani Ronchi and Japan there is a strong relationship, developed and strengthen during the years” like Michele Bernetti explains: “the 70% of the total production goes to 60 countries around the world and the 10% of our turnover comes from Japan where we frequently travel for seminaries, promoting  our wines  and Le Marche culinary traditions .I think this is one of the reasons why Dynac has chosen us”. Then, he continues: “Before the project started, our partners from Japan came in our region to study and select the right products to import, but mostly they came to learn some secrets about our gastronomic culture. We deeply believe in this amazing experience hoping it will help us to fortify even more our Japanese presence” .

A nice achievement that promises new goals for the future!