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On the Corriere della Sera – L’ Economia: the Umani Ronchi model. 

We share the article, published on the Economy pages of Corriere della Sera, dedicated to our winery. The journalist Francesca Gambarini describes the “Umani Ronchi model” between history, family, numbers, connections, and vision. 

THE WINE DYNASTIES. Brand, History and Hospitality. The Umani Ronchi model.

"Michele Bernetti is the entrepreneur who brought the wines of le Marche around the world. He leads Umani Ronchi, the Brand already selected among the «top 34» Italian wineries by the Wine Spectator magazine, but also one of the 18 great families of the industry (such as Antinori, Tasca d'Almerita, Masi, Ca' del Bosco, just to name a few) gathered in the Institute of Fine Italian Wines. The company has also won the Unicredit and Nomisma award dedicated to the «Best Ambassadors » of Italian wine. A mission, this one of international ambassadors, which owes much to the success of the historic wines of the areas where Umani Ronchi was born and thrived: the hills of Verdicchio, the Conero and Abruzzo. The winemaking activity well integrates with the hospitality projects of the company. Since 2015 the Bernetti family has taken over the management of the Grand Hotel Palace in Ancona, restoring the building and opening a wine bistro adjacent to it. Umani Ronchi also offers experiential visits in the Conero and the Castelli di Jesi vineyards., Bernetti knows that the link with the territory is a precious resource and, it is from this awareness, that the winery located in Osimo (Ancona) consolidates and develops its results. Starting from the 2022 ones: 3.2 million bottles produced, of which about 65% sold in over 60 countries worldwide, with a revenue of €15.5 millions, up 6% from the previous year." 

Here is the complete article from the pages of Corriere della Sera - L'Economia - Finanza&Imprese.

Enjoy the reading.