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Umani Ronchi on the podium of the Corporate Heritage Awards 2022

The Corporate Heritage Awards is the first event in Italy dedicated to enhancing the historical and cultural heritage of long-lived companies, through Heritage Marketing strategies and tools. The Award aims to recognize and promote the work of historic companies that have distinguished themselves in the enhancement of their experience and have managed their historical-cultural heritage as a strategic and competitive asset.

The 2022 edition saw the participation of 69 projects, 6 competing categories and 38 candidate companies, selected by a scientific committee made up of experts from the academic world, professionals from the cultural and communication sectors.

Umani Ronchi reached the podium in the category "Digital Storytelling through Words, Images, Sounds" with the presentation of the new digital project dedicated to the website. The ceremony took place in the Pininfarina Hall of the Confindustria Rome Congress Centre on November 17, with the participation of many other historic Italian brands, such as Poltrona Frau, Ferragamo, Peroni, Martini, Amarelli, Ferretti Group, Lavazza, la Molisana, Marinella, Nonino.

"We are convinced that the stories and events of the companies, that play a role in the development of our country, must be imprinted in the collective memory and become a common heritage. Therefore, we want to tell these stories to leave a trace."

Another page of our journey shared with Excellent Companies that have overcome over 50 years of history and challenges!

The Corporate Heritage Awards are promoted by Leaving Footprints, an academic spin-off of the University of Sannio in Benevento and the University of Napoli Parthenope.