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Wine&food. Festive dishes and pairings by chef Leonardo Castaldi.

At Christmas, the desire to gather all together around the table returns, sharing the beautiful and good of the holidays.

The food pairing challenge of this Christmas? Taking a cue from the proposals of the Wine Not Bistrot, try to match a wine with each course. You will discover that, when the pairings are well thought out, the menu becomes a path made of perfectly balanced aromas and flavours.

Here are some dishes that arise from the inspiration of chef Leonardo Castaldi, paired with wines that we like to imagine on your festive table, small tips that can enrich those family recipes that have always been part of your history.


To the "Mini Poké salad of classic Christmas mixed boiled meat with citrus mayonnaise" we match the La Hoz Rosé Classic Method Nature, 100% Montepulciano which remains on the lees for 30 months. To be served between 6° and 8° C in flûte.


With the "Cicerchia and octopus soup" we recommend the Vecchie Vigne, Organic Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico Superiore, to be served at a temperature of 12°-14° C in a medium-sized goblet with a spherical tendency.


To follow, we have a real institution, the dish that more than any other represents Christmas: the "Tortellino in broth". From the stuffing to the preparation of the broth, the schools of thought are different and every family has its own recipe. The pairing, in this case, is with Plenio, Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi Riserva, a wine of splendid consistency and great refinement - to be served between 12° and 14° C.


"Stoccafisso (Stockfish) all'Anconitana" is the traditional dish par excellence. Parsley, thyme, marjoram, celery, carrot, onion, garlic, anchovies, capers, all rigorously hand-cut, they season the salted and peppered stockfish fillets, followed by a long cooking of about two hours. A great course to be matched with Cumaro, 100% Montepulciano from Conero - to be served at 16°-18° C in a large goblet with a rather large body.


To finish, one of the desserts that we like to offer this time of year combined with Muffato Maximo is our interpretation of "Tarte Tatin".


If you want to taste the dishes directly prepared by chef Leonardo Castaldi, we are waiting for you at the Wine Not in Ancona, on the 24th and 31st of December too!


Happy Holidays!