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The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine 2021: Vecchie Vigne 2018 gets 96 points and the “Faccino” seal by Doctor Wine

Moreover Campo San Giorgio 2016 achieves 93 points, Plenio 2017 92 and Pelago 2016 91
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I migliori 100 vini e vignaioli d’Italia 2021

Con il Casal di Serra 2019 e le pratiche "verdi" in cantina, la Umani Ronchi entra nella Top 100 di Luciano Ferraro e Luca Gardini
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Wine News • I Vini di Winenews • Aug 2020 n. 115: Campo San Giorgio 2015, the website dedicated to the world of wine, tastes an intriguing red. Among the Tasting Notes it publishes the review of Campo San Giorgio, a wine that stands out for its depth, embrace, concentration.
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Wine News • I Quaderni di Winenews • Jun 2020 n. 175: Casal di Serra 2019

Verdicchio from Marche has the leading role on the June issue. Close-up on Umani Ronchi, the “label” of the month, and on Casal di Serra, landmark of the winery production philosophy.
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The Wine Advocate • Apr, 2020

Robert Parker, one of the most authorative wine critics, publishes the ratings on Plenio, Vecchie Vigne, Cùmaro, Pelago, Campo San Giorgio
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09/04/2020 Umani Ronchi, proud producer of Marche and Abruzzo wines

From the US online magazine, a wide-ranging interview with Michele Bernetti. From his first experience in the family business to plans for the future, regarding Verdicchio, organic farming, Marche and Abruzzo regions and much more.
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La Verità: “In Vino Veritas” by Carlo Cambi

Carlo Cambi's article about Pelago, a wine from the Sea, Dante and Giacomo Tachis.
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Italian Food and Travel • Mar/Apr 2020 n. 2

Two recipes, all the ingredients and the steps to prepare a pasta dish and a vegetable main course to pair with Pecorino Centovie Umani Ronchi
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MyAnkon • n. 02 • In conversation with Michele Bernetti

Three generations, three districts, three wineries. In the interview of Michele Bernetti, Umani Ronchi is the main character of a modern wine-making story, anchored to its land and with a globetrotter soul
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Civiltà del Bere: Campo San Giorgio il volto del Conero

Winner of many awards, elegant, expression of terroir. Our Montepulciano among the protagonists of the special dedicated to the Masters of Excellence and top wines of the 2020 Guides
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Wine News • I Vini di Winenews • Jan 2020 n. 84: Cùmaro 2015

On Winenews some tasting notes dedicated to Umani Ronchi and its modern and original wines. Special attention at Cumaro 2015, expressive and long-lived Montepulciano wine
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09/01/2020 • Jan, 2020

Wine Spectator selects 4 of our wines: Plenio 2016, Pelago 2015, Campo San Giorgio 2015 and Villa Bianchi 2018. Check scores and tasting note.
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Civiltà del Bere: Preziosi Metodo Classico e Centovie

Michele Bernetti talks about the last projects of Umani Ronchi: from the three sparkling wines of which he tells the origin of the name to the Centovie line of Abruzzo
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Wine News • I Vini di Winenews • Dec 2019 n. 79: Serrano 2018

The online magazine talks about Umani Ronchi as an ideal winemaking reality in the Italian panorama and about Serrano 2018, Rosso Conero red with a captivating character
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