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Civiltà del Bere: Vecchie Vigne 2016, something to remember

From January edition of wine guides 2019 the most awarded wines and Maestri dell’eccellenza. Umani Ronchi present with Vecchie Vigne, Campo San Giorgio, Maximo, Plenio e Pelago.
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Il grande libro dei Vini Dolci d’Italia. Massimo Zanichelli

A complete atlas to discover the colorful and exciting world of Italian sweet wines, between territories and traditions. It talks also about the noble rot and Maximo.
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31/01/2019 Red wine, what to choose? 40 labels that you must try

Our Pelago among the excellences suggested by the magazine
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Corriere Adriatico: Campo San Giorgio Eccellenza dei Rossi

Si parla di noi e del Campo San Giorgio all'interno della rubrica "la Cantina"
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Corriere Vinicolo: Massimo Bernetti, from diplomacy to wine

Umani Ronchi founder reviews the steps of a 60 years-long career taken quite by chance, marked by successes and lucky encounters, lived always with passion and enthusiasm
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Berebene 2019: Casal di Serra 2017 rewarded for the excellent quality/price ratio

Our Verdicchio reviewed by Gambero Rosso that selects the best bottles under 13€
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26/11/2018 according to the American critic’s last review, Plenio with its 94 points dominates the ranking of our wines from Marche region

From white to red wines, seven Umani Ronchi labels on James’ Suckling table
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I Vini di Veronelli 2019

Veronelli confers to Maximo 2016 Super Tre Stelle, placing Umani Ronchi between Le Marche top wine makers for range offer and high quality level
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Vinibuoni d’Italia 2019

I nostri Verdicchio e Pecorino sul podio della Guida del Touring Club che assegna il massimo riconoscimento ai due autoctoni di Marche e Abruzzo
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Wines of Italy 2019: Vecchie Vigne 2016 wins the Tre Bicchieri award for the eighth time

Widespread quality throughout all the range with excellence peaks among white wines: Verdicchio, Pecorino and the Classic Method deserve the final of the red Due Bicchieri.
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22/10/2018 Verdicchio

Score and review of Casal di Serra 2017 tasted by The Wine Killer Luca Gardini, well-known sommelier and critic, on his annual focus on Verdicchio
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Slow Wine 2019

Skills, willingness to experiment, entrepreneurial mind and agricultural heart. Umani Ronchi seen by Slow Food that rewards Vecchie Vigne 2016 with the title of Grande Vino. Excellent reviews to the other wines.
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The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine 2019

Daniele Cernilli's guide rewards Campo San Giorgio 2013 and confers a special recognition to Massimo Bernetti that obtains the award "Una vita per il vino"
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Civiltà del Bere: Umani Ronchi and hospitality

From the Grand Hotel Palace to the Wine Not?, two new places in Ancona (Marche) dedicated to hospitality, marked with Umani Ronchi style
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La Gazzetta dello Sport: Top 50 vini d’Italia

Gazza Golosa comes out with a special dedicated to BIWA, the most prestigious contest of Italian wines that has included the Vecchie Vigne 2016 among the 50 top labels of 2018.
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